A guy once lost his best friend in a tragic train accident. A list of names of dead people of that accident was issued but the guy couldn’t find his friend’s name in it. He grew up while struggling and became an IT Technical Architect in his late 20s which was an achievement for him. He then hired several developers from the whole wide globe and planned to make a software where he could find or search for his friend through the internet.

In the beginning, things went as planned and soon he found his friend. He had lost millions of dollars and 3 long years. It was now time for him to shut down the search operation as his search was complete and the software was of no use to him. Meanwhile, the CEO of Google had an agreement with this guy and took over the software and turned it into an application. This application made a whopping 1-billion-dollar profit in its first year. The software / application was “Orkut”.

The owner, Orkut Buyukkoten was expected to be the richest person by 2009 but at the same time, the Facebook hijacked Orkut’s hype and became the largest community on the internet. As expected, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook became the richest person.

On the side, the entry of the Facebook crashed down the popularity of Orkut. The major growth of Facebook and loosing grounds of Orkut recently made me think what is there in the Facebook that Google isn’t providing in Orkut?

Well, one answer. The User Experience !

Orkut failed badly because the User Experience wasn’t worth it at all. The User Experience might have been perfect for people before Facebook but within time, Facebook has been working hard to get their hands on the web and gradually started to take over Orkut’s population! Orkut’s users found a better option, which is not a big deal because back in the day there were several social networking communities on the internet. Users started to take interest in Facebook because they found it attractive and more valuable than Orkut resulting in a dead-drop for Orkut. A large percentage of people started using Facebook and majority of them were from Orkut but they still had Orkut as their first social platform and Facebook as a second.

On an average about half of the people who came from Orkut had started to deactivate their Orkut accounts and began to use Facebook more often.

What made them do it? Facebook had proven to come up with a better and valuable User Experience loaded with the quality for their Users. That is still considered to be one of the most effective features of Facebook.

Today, it is hard for somebody to quit using Facebook and adopt another social platform. There are a few other options available today but I am afraid, no one is interested in doing that. Almost 99% of the total Facebook population will never consider deactivating their Facebook account as an option.

User Experience that is being carried away in the Facebook is none less than a drug for people.

~ Peace – Mo. Kasim

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