Companies doomed because of User Experience War

A guy once lost his best friend in a tragic train accident. A list of names of dead people of that accident was issued but the guy couldn’t find his friend’s name in it. He grew up while struggling and became an IT Technical Architect in his late 20s which was an achievement for him. […]

Why we always try to work beyond perfection ?

Trilobite Digital Co. (A Creative Agency founded by Mo. Kasim) has always been standing out for its state of the art User Experience. Experts at Trilobite are well aware of their tasks and they are constantly putting endless hours of efforts to make Trilobite stand out. Providing work that goes beyond perfection. Work that touches […]

An Independent Year As UX Designer

1- Just so you don’t leave: ‘Do what you do so well that they want to see it again’. By starting off with this, a very famous saying from Mr. Walt Disnep himself and nothing can define what we are better than this. I promise amazing experiences with quality and value. These both have always been […]

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